Lodge 66 and Marketing

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 66 does currently participate in residential and commercial marketing services.  If you have questions about a call you recently received, please contact us using the information available on our contacts page.

Here are some safety tips to remember with all marketers and phone solicitation:

1. Always ask the name and business that the marketer is soliciting for.  Marketers with this Fraternal Order of Police lodge should be stating they are soliciting for the  Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 66 of the Lake County Sheriff's Police.

2. Ask about the organization to which you are being solicited for.  Marketers for this Fraternal Order of Police lodge should know the names of the current board of directors.  That information can be verified on our contacts page.

3. Never pay for an opportunity to win (ie: lottery scams).  It is illegal for a company to require you to pay in order to play or claim prizes.

4. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5. If you feel uncomfortable or are not 100% sure about it, don't donate!  We will not mind.

If you feel more comfortable by donating directly to Lodge 66, you may do so with PayPal by clicking the Donate button to the right of these pages.